Conversations In A Coffee Shop

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There is something about a coffee shop.
It is a wonderful place to go and meet a friend.
It is a great place to go and get things done on your laptop.
It is a quick stop for those who want to get a cup of their favorite coffee to go.

I love a cozy coffee shop.
However, I have never had a cup of coffee.
No one believes me when I say that.
I have absolutely no desire to even try coffee.

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The Old Library

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The library that my children and I used to visit is no longer a library.
The library that my children and I used to visit was actually a house.
I think the fact that it was a house is what I loved the most.
I was walking into history every time we walked through the door.

The historic stone house dates to the 1800.
The house was part of the Underground Railroad during the Civil War.
The beauty of the mill work, the latches, and doorknobs, added to its charm.
The historic stone house became the town’s library in 1914.

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A Listening Heart

There was a congregational meeting at church.
We waited until everyone arrived so there would be a quorum.
When that number was achieved, the meeting proceeded.
The main points were laid out and directions were given if there were any questions.

A microphone was set up so that if someone had a question, they could walk up to the front.
A voice was heard from the congregation.
What about if you are in a wheelchair?
Everyone smiled since we all knew the man who said those words.

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The Faith Of A Child

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My husband is very handy.
He has an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering and an MBA as well.
The further along he went in his career, he did less engineering and more management.
If truth be told, he thinks fondly of the days as a test engineer.

Just give me a project, let me complete it, then give me another one, was what I heard him say.
That desire for projects became woodworking as a hobby.
He was always good fixing things, building things, and making things.
He purchased woodworking equipment for a shop in the unfinished part of our basement.

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The Snow Pile

It started to snow around dinner time.
Snow is to be expected in the second month of the year.
However, when the weather teases you with warm days, the snow is not always as welcome.
I was surprised that I felt that way about the impending snow because I love winter.

It was just that my mother’s heart was praying.
Everyone in my family was going to be away for various reasons.
Some of the travel was about two hours away.
Another required an airplane flight.

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