Tilting And Stacking

I saw her name on a friend’s post.
She had just reacted to the same thing that caught my eye as well.
I had not thought about her in years.
Yet she was very special to our family.

I was not sure if it was her.
People can have the same name.
I clicked on her name.
I saw her profile picture.

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Learning How To Rest

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Last week as I taught Bible study, I thought I was getting a cold.
It is just this time of year, I told myself.
I will just go to bed early, I decided.
I will just sit on my favorite chair under a blanket with a cup of tea, I determined.

After my husband got home and we had dinner, I knew that going to bed was necessary.
I went to bed the same time my children did when they were small.
Something woke me up at 1:00 in the morning.
It was my son’s birthday.

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I spoke too soon. I am still not feeling great and am allowing myself two more days to rest. God willing, a new Whisper will be published on Thursday, January 18. Thank you for the many ways you have reached …

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Whispers of His Movement will resume on Tuesday, January 16 as God allows. I have been sick all weekend with a terrible cold and cough. I have been taking a much needed time to rest. God willing, a new Whisper …

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Thursday Night At 8:00

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It was a Thursday night ritual.
I had my favorite spot on the sofa.
I could look behind me and see my mother sitting on the chair.
It was something we enjoyed doing together.

I always had to make sure I turned on the television minutes before the actual show.
It was the days when televisions had to warm up a bit.
There was no instantaneous picture at the turn of a button.
There were no television controls; to change a channel you had to get up from the chair.

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