A Sense Of Longing

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It was an Instagram post.
It was a picture of a peaceful place.
Boats were on the water.
The setting was so lovely.

The person who posted admitted that she is “off the grid.”
There were brief times of connecting again.
For the most part, she was experiencing quiet, and stillness, and rest.
I read her list of things that she is doing while she is away.

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The Impeded Stream

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My granddaughter rolled over today.
My son-in-love sent a short video to all of us.
A milestone was captured.
A moment in time is now saved on my phone.

I admit that I have watched the video quite a few times.
I admit that I cheered along with Ella’s mommy and daddy.
I admit that I was urging my granddaughter on as I watched.
You can do it, I said to the video on my phone.

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Torrential Rain

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The flash flood alerts kept coming to my phone.
I always appreciate the alerts.
They are helpful for tracking storms.
They are helpful as rainfall or snowfall amounts are posted.

Sometimes, a flash flood alert comes and it amounts to nothing.
We tend to lose power here in the country, so when a big storm is coming, I fill the bathtub.
I fill the bathtub because when we lose electricity, we cannot run our water.
Having water in the bathtub comes in handy for necessities.

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On Any Given Sunday

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For the first thirty minutes after entering church on Sunday, we sing.
We sing to the Lord.
We read Scripture.
We pray.

Each week, different worship leaders bring their own gifts to that special time.
No two weeks are the same.
I appreciate that.
Whether we sing hymns or contemporary worship songs, our focus is the same.

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Stopping For A Penny

I had just said the words to my daughter.
I love to find a penny on the ground.
I said those words to her as I was bending down to pick up a penny I saw.
Was it heads up, Mom? She asked me.

It was, I admitted.
There was the old wives tale about good luck if you found a penny that was heads up.
None of that interests me.
I simply like to find a penny as I walk along.

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