Gift Giving

I remember hearing a statement many years ago.
Gifts are wasted on the young.
I bristled when I heard those words.
I did not agree with them.

The woman who said those words was talking about appreciation.
This woman felt that young people do not understand the gifts they have been given.
Young people, in her mind, think more of the here and now and not of the future.
Gifts that are not something they can enjoy now, tend to be dismissed.

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A Work Of Art

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My husband is very handy.
He can fix anything.
He can build things with ease.
He can do wood carving as well.

I was spoiled through the years since we never had to call someone to do repairs.
He learned those skills quite early.
He did not learn them from his father.
In fact, he did repairs for his parents from time to time.

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A Weekend Of Sprinkling

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Sometimes two seemingly unrelated things can be quite similar.
Two events, that can easily stand alone, have significance when looked at together.
I noticed the truth of this with two family events that happened this past weekend.
God’s hand was evident in both.

The first event was the bridal shower for my son’s fiancĂ©.
The bridal shower was in Washington, DC.
Two of my daughters and my daughter-in-love were able to attend.
My daughter, who just had our precious granddaughter, did not attend.

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We had a lovely family weekend. A bridal shower and a baby dedication happened. And we rejoiced. A new Whispers will be published on Tuesday, June 19, as God allows.


Perusing The Clothes Racks

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My first job, when I was sixteen years old, was working in a cheese shop.
The store was one you always saw in the mall.
The employees wore a sleeveless denim dress with a red and white checked shirt underneath.
We all looked the same; the uniform was functional.

My second job, towards the end of high school, was in a children’s clothing store.
This chain of stores no longer exists.
Each store had a large slide and climbing area for the children to play on while their mom shopped.
The children loved to come in to climb and slide.

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