Lights In A Field

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On Wednesday evenings throughout the summer, I attend a women’s bible study.
It is a blessing to be with women from my church.
The bible study is in a home.
Each week a different women leads the group.

This past week was my turn to lead.
After teaching a bible study in my home for nine months of the year, it is nice to sit.
It is nice to be a student.
It is wonderful to glean from each of the women.

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Chronicling Moments

The text came early in the morning.
It was from my son-in-love to the entire family.
Multiple times each day, someone sends something on the family text.
It is a fun way to stay connected.

Often, as I read a text, I find myself laughing out loud.
Whenever pictures are sent, I save them to my phone.
This text filled me with so much joy.
This text was a short video that my son-in-love took that morning.

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It Only Takes A Minute

We all wait in lines at cash registers all the time.
It is interesting to look around and see what people do to pass the time.
Some are people watchers.
Some may read a magazine that is in a rack nearby.

Other people talk to those around them.
Many, if not most, are on their phones.
They are either scrolling through social media or having a conversation.
No one just stands and waits any more.

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Over And Above

Our trash pickup day is on Wednesday.
Our trash men and recycling men are very punctual.
Customers are encouraged to put their trash and recycling out the night before.
If you forget to put it out the night before, it is highly unlikely you will catch them in time.

I listened to a message was sent a few days before our scheduled pick up day.
Due to the Fourth of July holiday, your trash will not be picked up as scheduled.
Your rescheduled trash day will be Saturday, July 7.
Please make sure to put your trash and recycling out the night before to ensure pickup.

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A Simple Gift

It was one of those lazy mornings.
Not lazy because there was nothing to do.
Lazy because what needed to be done was to be done in the afternoon.
There was no pressing reason to take an early shower and get dressed for the day.

Instead, I put on my walking clothes like I do every morning.
I tied my sneakers nice and tight.
I put on my sunglasses and grabbed my phone.
I set off for my three mile walk.

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