One Lone Hair

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I am not a traveler.
I like being home.
There is no place that I have a burning desire to visit.
Everything I love most is right here.

I could say that my lack of desire to travel has to do with contentment.
I could say that I do not like to travel because my back protests after sitting too long.
I could say that I do not like to travel because I get tired on long car rides.

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The Tea Towel

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I love when I go to the mailbox and see that I received a package.
I especially love receiving a package when I have no idea what it could be.
I saw the white bubble mailer in the mailbox with the other mail.
I took it out and instantly recognized the address.

I had no idea what this sweet friend could be sending me.
I couldn’t wait to open it when I got inside.
I put the mail on the kitchen island.
I went over to my desk to get some scissors.

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Rapid Changes

I read all of the Little House On The Prairie books aloud to my daughters.
My sons only seemed to be interested in the first book..
Covered wagons and dangerous travel peaked their interest.
Stories of gingham and calico, hair ribbons and braids were not fascinating to them.

What did intrigue all of us was the amount of change that Laura Ingalls Wilder experienced.
The railroad made so many things possible in travel and commerce.
Electricity allowed for longer evenings.
Bathrooms in the house instead of outdoors must have been something they never expected.

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The Long Line Of Cars

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I was driving on a road that I take all the time.
It is a beautiful, tree lined road with many curves.
There is usually no traffic.
Anytime I happen to be behind a car, we keep moving.

This day was different.
This day, traveling on the road started out just like it had many times before.
Up ahead, I saw a line of cars.
Up ahead, I saw a flashing orange light that you sometimes see on top of a truck.

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Necessary Encouragement

She was in front of me.
I could see that she had a large stroller.
It almost looked like a running stroller but I knew it was not.
I could see two little girls sitting in the front.

The mother had placed all of her items on the belt as it moved forward.
She was buying cute decorations for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.
She was buying things that little girls would love.
There was another little girl standing next to the stroller.

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