Occupied With Gladness

My husband always holds my hand.
No matter where we are walking, no matter how far, his hand always finds mine.
I have been married to him for thirty-six years now.
That is a lot of hand holding.

I don’t think about it, since it really is second nature to us.
I don’t think about it until someone else says something.
It always makes me smile when someone notices.
However, that is not why my husband does it.

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The Object Behind The Washer

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My oldest daughter came over so we could catch up.
I love that special one-on-one time.
We usually end up talking for a few hours.
We talk about everything and nothing.

She texted me when she was on her way.
I wanted to open one of the garage doors for her.
My husband was away on business so we had the night to ourselves.
I had just opened the door that leads to the garage and pushed the button to open the door.

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The Masterpiece

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Three young boys were at my house last week.
They are all brothers.
There is one more brother who was not there since he had sports after school.
It is impossible to be two places at one time so that is why I was called.

These boys have spent quite a bit of time in our house.
Our house is home away from home to them.
As they get older in their elementary school years, they are involved in activities after school.
They swim and play lacrosse, which keeps them and their parents very busy.

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The Woman

I had just come out of the little market.
It is my favorite place to buy organic fruits and vegetables.
I love the slogan that is on all of their handled satchels.
Real Food. Local Roots.

I purchased the few things I needed.
I debated whether I should stop and get some of their home made organic soup.
I decided against it on this particular day.
I was ready to go home and have my afternoon cup of tea.

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Exuberant Joy

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I had a forty-five minute drive.
I was enjoying the pretty day and the warm weather.
After a winter of snow, ice, and cold temperatures, the springlike weather was welcome.
My music was playing and I was singing along, tapping on the steering wheel at times.

I could see the stretch of road up ahead.
There is always a lot of traffic at this particular intersection.
Often when I come to this intersection, I turn right and go to visit my favorite Gardens.
This day I was going straight, since I had other things to do.

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