Companionable Silence

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I married my high school sweetheart.
It is amazing to have so many shared memories.
Usually, you meet someone later in life and marry.
It is not typical to meet someone so young and build a life together.

With God’s help, we did just that.
Next month we will be married thirty-six years.
I have been married to my husband longer than I was single.
Memories pop up at random times, as I just experienced on my morning walk.

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The Empty Stroller

The date was set.
I knew that two of my daughters were planning to participate.
I learned that my son-in-love was also joining in that morning.
I decided to register as well.

I registered for a 5K Walk/Run to support our local crisis pregnancy center.
A walk had been done a previous year in another location.
However, this year it was expanded to be a run as well.
It was moved to a more central location.

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The Candy Drawer

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I have a confession to make.
I have a candy drawer in my kitchen.
If I told you that the candy drawer was not for me, you would probably not believe me.
But it is true.

When my children were growing up, I was careful about what they ate.
I was careful about the amount of sweets they had each day.
I baked homemade desserts rather than buy things that were pre-packaged.
Oreo cookies were the one exception.

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Not On The List

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I teach Bible study in my home.
We begin our study in September and we end in May.
Some of us have been together over eight years.
God brings new women each year.

It is a privilege to teach this Bible study in my home.
There is something so cozy about sitting around the kitchen table and island.
When we outgrew that, I bought folding chairs to put in the adjoining family room.
When we outgrew that, I bought more folding chairs for the women God is bringing.

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A Wonderfully, Annoying Protrusion

There is a certain kind of sandal I like to wear.
The shoes are a bit more expensive but they are so comfortable for my back.
I can walk all day in those walking sandals.
They are not the most stylish shoe in the world but they feel amazing.

I went on the website to look and see what styles they had for fall.
We are planning to visit our son in D.C. in a few weeks.
I knew that we would be doing a lot of walking.
I want to see all the monuments again and want to be prepared to walk many miles.

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