Cherries And Olives

She works in the floral department of my grocery store.
She and I have become friends.
The first time I talked to her, she was inflating three balloons for me.
We talked about family, our culture, losing a loved one, and hard work.

We just solved the problems of the world, I teased as she handed me my balloons.
That conversation seemed to solidify the two of us as kindred spirits.
I gave that name to us that day since we thought so much alike.
She seemed to know the Anne of Green Gables reference to Anne and Diana.

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Innocence Preserved

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I had a sweet mom over the other day with her three precious daughters.
I had not seen them in a while.
It was so lovely to catch up with them.
The two older girls have spent time at my house, the younger one was too young to remember.

The oldest daughter is now 11 years old, which is hard for me to believe.
This mom home schools her three daughters.
They are part of a wonderful program that focuses on classical education.
I listened quite amazed at the things the girls are learning.

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Written For Me

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Today marks my 58th time around the sun.
My age is simply a number.
There is no denying that my birth year sounds further and further away.
However, inside me the little girl, the teenage girl, and the young adult is still there.

As a little girl, it was fun to go down the shore on the day of my birthday.
It was fun to go out for dinner at a favorite restaurant.
As I got older, a summer birthday was never that special when I was in school.
There was no celebration at school on the actual day.

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Simple Joys

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A goldfinch flew right by me when I was on my walk.
It caught me by surprise.
It thrilled me.
The bright yellow color of the feathers against the green leaves was so lovely.

I remember when we built a front porch on the house we lived in before this one.
I would sit on the porch swing and watch the birds at the bird feeder.
There were quite a few goldfinches that came to the feeder to eat the birdseed that was there.
I am not getting up off this swing until I see a goldfinch, I would say to myself.

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Prayer Warrior, Indeed

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I went to a nearby church where a funeral service was being held later that morning.
I was there for the visitation before the actual service.
Funerals are always difficult but this one was especially hard.
This service was for a young woman in her late thirties, a wife, and mother of three small children.

I had been praying for her healing.
I had been praying for her husband and her very young children.
I trusted God to hear the prayers that were being prayed on her behalf.
God decided to bring her Home.

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