The Thank You Boy

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I heard the exchange as I waited.
What do you say to the lady for giving you a piece of cheese? The mom asked.
Thank you, the little boy said in a sing-song kind of voice.
I think you can do better than that, the mom suggested.

THANK YOU, the little boy said with confidence and volume.
You are very welcome, the person behind the deli counter answered.
That was very good; it is important to say thank you, the mother reminded him.
The mother handed him his little toy as he sat in the shopping cart.

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Renegade Pasta

We were having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.
I opened the box and proceeded to put the pasta in the boiling water.
I did what my mother used to do.
I broke a handful of the pasta in half before dropping it in the water.

I heard a piece of pasta fall to the floor.
It is not easy to find a dry piece of pasta on my floor since the color tends to blend.
Mostly, I have to find it by hearing.
I am pretty good at hearing where something falls.

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Within Earshot

I had just left the ATM machine at the grocery store when I heard him.
He works in a custodial position in the store.
This day he was emptying the trash cans and adding new plastic liners in each.
He saw me and asked his question using, as taught to my children, an outside voice.

What book would you recommend for a child? he asked me loud enough for everyone to hear.
Did he realize how difficult that question was?
Did he know that I have far too many to even begin to list them?
I will meet you over there and we can talk, I said to him.

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The Hairline Crack

I just went to the dentist for my six month cleaning and check-up.
I mentioned that something did not feel right in a back molar.
When I actually got to the dentist for my scheduled appointment, it felt better.
Isn’t that always the way it goes?

I do not usually have problems with my teeth.
I have had only a couple cavities in my life. which were years ago.
However, this annoying molar had an old filling in it.
It was actually my first cavity and my first filling.

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Leftover Us

One of my sons is not too fond of leftovers.
He always enjoyed whatever I cooked; however, he wanted it for one night only.
Even if it was his favorite meal, leftovers just did not appeal to him.
In all honesty, we never really had leftovers that often when everyone was home.

With five growing children, it was really a matter of making a meal stretch.
I was trying to think about what would feed all seven of us.
I was trying to plan meals so that everyone would have enough.
That was a lot easier to do when the children were young.

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