The Album Cupboard

It was my youngest son’s idea.
He was down the basement.
He and his wife came home because he was getting the rest of his things.
They just moved into their first house and now they have more room.

He came to get his bed and chest of drawers for one of their extra bedrooms.
He came to get his first drum set.
He came to get some clothes that were still in his closet.
He came to get his books and his bookshelf.

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Calling Me Out

I passed a little girl in the parking lot walking with her mother.
I noticed her beautiful red hair.
The little girl was too young to realize that her red hair is really lovely.
I noticed.

I wished that I could have told the little girl how pretty her hair was, but it was not the place.
If I had seen her in the checkout line with her mother, I cold have told her.
If I knew her or her mother, I could have made sure she knew.
As quickly as I saw them, they passed by me.

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I remember a time when we did not have a computer.
My husband and I were married in 1981.
I still used a typewriter back then.
Our phone was on the wall in the kitchen and cell phones were nonexistent.

I remember the day my husband bought our first computer.
I remember the cumbersome computer tower on the floor.
Wires seemed to be everywhere.
The monitor looked like a bulky television set.

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The Little Country Post Office

The post office in my town closes at lunch time.
Every day from 12:00 to 2:00, the post office window is shut.
People can still go inside to get mail from their post office box.
However, sending a package and buying stamps cannot be done during those hours.

I live in a small town.
The post office is a little country post office.
The workers have to eat their lunch.
More times than I care to admit, I have timed my post office trip incorrectly.

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Daddy’s Here

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It was a spring day in early May.
The incident happened over twenty-eight years ago.
I was pregnant with my third child.
I was due at the end of June.

Being tall, I carried my children all out in front.
My belly was like a basketball.
It was the days of maternity shirts that looked like maternity shirts.
Shapeless shirts with lots of room was all that was available back then.

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