I spoke too soon. I am still not feeling great and am allowing myself two more days to rest. God willing, a new Whisper will be published on Thursday, January 18. Thank you for the many ways you have reached …

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Whispers of His Movement will resume on Tuesday, January 16 as God allows. I have been sick all weekend with a terrible cold and cough. I have been taking a much needed time to rest. God willing, a new Whisper …

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Thursday Night At 8:00

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It was a Thursday night ritual.
I had my favorite spot on the sofa.
I could look behind me and see my mother sitting on the chair.
It was something we enjoyed doing together.

I always had to make sure I turned on the television minutes before the actual show.
It was the days when televisions had to warm up a bit.
There was no instantaneous picture at the turn of a button.
There were no television controls; to change a channel you had to get up from the chair.

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An Early Morning Text

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The text came through early in the morning.
It was sent on the family thread.
It was part of the ongoing conversation we use most days to stay connected.
Funny things, serious things, and accomplishments all find their way on the thread.

This text was very special.
This text consisted of two pictures.
The pictures were gray, grainy, and yet so incredibly beautiful.
It was the subject of the picture that took my breath away.

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A Lesson In Willfulness

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I recognized the scene.
I had the same thing happened to me many years ago.
Most mothers have experienced it.
It is exasperating.

A mother and her little boy were walking hand in hand.
They were going along just fine.
Without warning, the little boy went limp.
He just did not want to walk any more.

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