Someone Is Listening

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My husband walked into the kitchen.
I ordered something, he said quite pleased with himself.
I ordered an Echo Dot to go with our sound system.
I got an email; they were having a great deal, he said.

My husband is an engineer and enjoys things with bells and whistles.
Me, not so much.
My son and his wife have an Echo.
They enjoy using it.

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Deer In The Headlights

Our youngest daughter drove a 2003 Toyota Corolla.
We always chose a safe economy car for the youngest driver to take to school.
That car served our two youngest children well.
It had been very faithful.

This past summer my youngest daughter was an intern in Philadelphia.
All the interns lived in the same building.
The building was also the place where youth groups would come each week.
The interns led groups of students to various locations around the city, in which they served.

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Whispers of His Movement will resume on Thursday, October 19, as God allows. I always write one day ahead of publication. I took the day off to celebrate our 36th Anniversary with my husband. God willing, I will be back with a new …

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Conversation In A Bathroom

I heard them talking.
We were all in the public bathroom at the store with the bulls eye on the front.
I knew that the young mother was hoping to use the large handicap stall, but it was occupied.
Those larger stalls are such a blessing to mothers with small children.

I could hear the mother and her young child talking as I was at the sink.
I climb under there, Mommy!
No, don’t climb under there! The mother said with exasperation.

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Reunions and Deck Furniture

Twice a year we do the same thing.
It happens in the spring.
It happens again in the fall.
This past weekend was the day.

It is the day when all of the outdoor furniture comes inside for the winter.
I am never sad about that since I enjoy fall and winter.
I like seeing the table, chairs, and market umbrella right outside my kitchen door.
I like to see the wicker coffee table on my porch.

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