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Heart Strings

We all know the anatomy of a heart.
We can name or point to major arteries and valves on a diagram.
However, every once in a while a part of the heart that is not on a diagram is seen.
That part, which is never labeled on a diagram is your heart strings.

We forget we have heart strings until something tugs at them.
We forget that they are an important part of our heart until we feel the warmth they exude.
Our heart strings are there and may even lay dormant until that one day.
One day, you will feel them as never before.

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Trying To Keep Up

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Usually I walk by myself each morning.
It is my time to pray.
It is my time to think.
It is often my time to reflect.

There is always the morning wave to various neighbors as they go to work.
Sometimes, one may even stop and talk for a few minutes.
Our conversation is cut short if a school bus needs to pass by.
Once in a while another neighbor may be out walking.

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The Chair Brigade

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Our church built a new sanctuary.
The former sanctuary is still there.
It is now being used for the youth.
It is a blessing to be able to use two wonderful places for God.

We moved into the new sanctuary right before Christmas last year.
Instead of having two services, the congregation met all together for a few weeks.
It is such a blessing to have watched this project go from groundbreaking to completion.
It stands as a testimony to God’s goodness and faithfulness.

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The Puppy

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Our son and his wife got a puppy.
They already had a cat.
Both their cat and their dog seem to be friends.
The animals are well loved.

They chose a Springer Spaniel or rather, she chose us, as my son like to say.
My son told me the story about the day they went to get their dog.
All the other puppies were indifferent to us, he told me.
But this little one stretched up towards us and when we saw her eyes, we knew.

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A Portrait Gallery In The Hallway

I really don’t know how our upstairs hallway became a portrait gallery.
I did not envision the hallway looking like it does now.
It just happened over time.
It happened because of all the school pictures that were taken through the years.

It has already been determined that I keep a Mom Box for each of my children.
Each year when their school pictures came home, I would display them in a frame.
When the next year’s pictures came home, the previous year’s picture went in the Mom Box.
Whenever I would add their report card, an award, or a special card they made me, I saw it.

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