Stopping For A Penny

I had just said the words to my daughter.
I love to find a penny on the ground.
I said those words to her as I was bending down to pick up a penny I saw.
Was it heads up, Mom? She asked me.

It was, I admitted.
There was the old wives tale about good luck if you found a penny that was heads up.
None of that interests me.
I simply like to find a penny as I walk along.

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Got Your Back

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I smiled as I drove behind him.
I could see clear to the front of the car through the large back window.
What I saw was really not a car as much as something else.
It was truly a bedroom on wheels.

This was not a camper.
This was something that you would have expected duck tape to hold together.
This was well used.
This was well loved.

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I always see him tending to the shopping carts.
He is faithful to his job.
Rain or shine, hot or cold, he is there.
He always wears a hat on his head to protect him from the sun.

He will say hello if it is said to him first.
I cannot tell his age.
His height and appearance say one thing; his attitude says another.
This young man is like a child in many ways.

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The Power Of Music

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I saved my money.
I could not wait to go to the store.
I went to buy what I had been waiting to purchase.
I went to buy a record album.

I remember coming home and carefully opening the plastic that covered the album.
I carefully pulled the album out of the paper sleeve.
I held the album ever so carefully around the edges so I would not scratch the record.
I tried to keep my fingerprints off the vinyl as well.

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Changing Pocketbooks

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I have one pocketbook that I use every day.
I am quite used to it.
It has a place for everything.
It has a long strap that can be used across my body.

A women’s pocketbook is a mysterious thing.
It is something she has to buy for herself.
A women’s pocketbook goes with her wherever she goes.
It becomes her friend after a while.

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