The Antique Christmas Ball

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When my friends and I came home after the lovely Christmas social, I opened a present.
One of my friends had gift bags for each of us.
She gave them to us before we left.
My gift bag was on my desk in the kitchen.

I had not thought about the gift all evening.
There it was, waiting for me when I got home.
I opened the bag to see some of my friend’s delicious chocolate chip cookies.
There was a gold box in the gift bag as well.

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A Holy Ground Kind Of Evening

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It was the night of the Women’s Christmas Social at church.
I invited three dear friends to go with me.
We drove in one car, ready for an evening to be together.
It was a rainy night but nothing could dampen our spirits.

We arrived and my friends remarked about how lovely the church looked.
A large Christmas tree with tiny white lights was in the center of the foyer.
Women were hanging up their coats and putting their umbrellas on the floor beneath.
There were warm greetings and hugs all around.

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Just One Ornament

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It makes me smile to see little children sitting in the seat of a shopping cart.
On a particularly long day of running errands, I often think that is the way to shop.
A front row seat is theirs.
They can hold special things in their hands and hand them to the cashier at the register.

I smile because I remember those days.
I remember the days of one child in the seat and another inside the shopping cart.
The one inside the shopping cart used to love when things were piled in around their legs.
There would be giggles all around, which made for a wonderful shopping trip.

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Lessons In A Christmas Shop

There is a little shop I enjoy visiting, especially this time of year.
A Christmas shop is set up in a large room where the Amish women quilt.
Your eye does not know where to look.
Just when you think you have seen it all, there are little touches here and there you missed.

The items are handmade or gently used.
No one would ever know.
Christmas ornaments, mugs, and tins fill the shelves.
Snowmen, reindeer, Santa, and old-fashioned Father Christmas are found there.

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The Special Announcement

I was down in the finished part of our basement.
I was putting something away.
I saw it tucked next to the sofa.
It was the cradle my husband made for one of our daughters.

My husband is an amazing woodworker.
Woodworking is a hobby that he loves.
He made our large farm table in the kitchen.
He made our armoire in the family room as an anniversary present many years ago.

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