The Lost Art

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We hear the expression all the time.
We never take the time to ponder what it means.
The expression happened to be the impetus of a question.
The expression is: a lost art.

The question was: What are some lost arts that you wish came back or never left?
The answers fascinated me.
It was as if the question was the dividing line.
You were either on one side or the other depending on what you experienced in your life.

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The Mantel Clock

When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I bought a mantel clock.
I was still working until a few months before the baby was to be born.
I waited patiently for the mantel clock to be delivered.
It seemed like it took forever to arrive.

I worked at a bank in the town where we bought our first house.
Every year there was a home show nearby.
The bank wanted to be a presence at the home show as well.
They wanted to be nearby when people had questions about home improvement loans.

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The Plant

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I rang the doorbell with a tray in hand.
I made a meal for someone and was bringing it to their house around dinner time.
The husband answered the door.
The wife was standing in the foyer with a smile.

The meal was to bless them.
However, the visit ending up blessing me.
Isn’t that always the way it goes?
Reciprocal blessings.

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The Dessert Police

It was the day of the church picnic.
The temperature was to be in the low 90’s.
The picnic was held at a local park, which has a pavilion, a ball field, and a playground.
There is quite a bit of shade at the park and there always seems to be a breeze.

Some of us were part of the committee.
We all had our jobs to do to make sure the day was delightful for everyone.
We had men and boys lift tables and supplies.
The food was ordered ahead of time and only desserts were asked to be brought.

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The Upholsterer

I stepped back in time.
I found his shop when I was searching for upholsterers.
It was a little storefront in a town not far away from my house.
I wish I had found this shop first.

I had a rocking chair that needed to be reupholstered.
I wanted to find someone in my favorite place of Amish buggies.
I found someone that was a little less than an hour from my home.
After talking to him on the phone, I decided that I would bring my rocker to him.

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