The Barking Beagle

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I decided to take my walk much earlier than usual.
I had things to do around the house but wanted to get my walk in first.
I walked down to the stone wall at the beginning of our street.
I walked up the slight hill to go around the corner towards the cul-de-sac.

It was then I heard it.
I heard the beagle that lives in a house on our street.
My youngest daughter used to pet-sit for this family.
They have had a few beagles and even a litter of puppies through the years.

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We moved into our house on my birthday, twenty years ago.
My youngest daughter celebrated her first birthday in this house.
Less than a week after we moved in, we traveled to Atlanta.
We were going to the 1996 Olympics.

In the days after we moved in, some of our neighbors came to say hello.
The neighbors that lived right next door had the same last name as ours.
I remember the day they walked into our house.
The husband gave me the nicest compliment I ever received.

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The Squeak

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There has been a lot of furniture shifting in our home.
My son and his wife who were married last year, now have a house.
He brought his bedroom set to their hose for a spare bedroom.
That left the room that my boys shared growing up very empty.

A comfy chair was still tucked in the corner.
A desk that belonged to my mother was still in the room.
The bed was gone.
The chest of drawers and tall bookcase were gone.

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Saying It And Meaning It

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Every day, as I drive out to the main road, I see it.
A new house is being built.
I was surprised when I saw the ground being prepared.
A dirt path was made for the trucks to get back to the lot easily.

What surprised me was that this new house is quite close to an existing house.
I saw the trees come down when the builder needed to clear the land.
I wondered how the house would be positioned, in reference to the other house.
I did not have to wonder long since construction began.

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Putting Out The Trash

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We had quite a few milk crates in our basement.
Years ago, we had a milk man deliver milk to our home but these crates were not from him.
The milk man’s crates had the name of the dairy prominently displayed.
These crates were just your run of the mill milk crates in various colors.

We had four red milk crates that were used to make shelves for my oldest son’s dorm room.
A sturdy piece of wood was placed on top of two milk crates.
With four milk crates, my son was able to make two instant shelves.
He chose red milk crates because red is his favorite color.

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