The Stove Delivery

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A few weeks ago, my oven displayed a code and beeped incessantly.
It was a code we saw before.
There was a problem with the heat sensor.
My husband replaced the heat sensor once before.

Since the same code appeared, the same part was ordered.
You should be able to use it, now, my husband said after the part was installed.
We turned on the oven to test it.
No code appeared.

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The Sound System

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We have a sound system with speakers in various rooms of our house.
Sound systems installed when a house is built must be wonderful.
This system consists of various Bluetooth speakers in the rooms of our choice.
We started out with two speakers; and have expanded to five.

There is a speaker in the family room and the kitchen.
There is a speaker in the dining room and the living room.
There is a speaker on the bridge that overlooks the family room and foyer.
When all the speakers are on, the entire downstairs has continuous sound.

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Play People On The Rug

I spent part of the morning in the attic.
I was looking for something that I found almost immediately.
But I stayed up there.
I was enjoying the memories.

We have sturdy pull-down ladder that allows us to go up to the attic.
I asked my husband to put a metal bar on the floor at the top of the attic opening.
When you leave the attic, you have to turn yourself around and come down backwards.
I wanted a strong bar for any of us to hold onto as we come down the ladder.

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The Perpetual Calendar

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It officially has been fall for only a few weeks.
However, the weather still feels like summer.
We have had 100% humidity each day.
I actually put the air conditioner back on a few days ago.

I cannot wait for the weather to stay cool and crisp.
Actually, I cannot wait for the weather to get cold.
I am a, sit by the fire, kind of person.
I am a, get under a blanket with a good book, kind of woman.

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My Favorite Number

There reaches a point when people tend to say, it’s just a number, concerning their age.
I have not quite figured out at what age people begin to say those words.
I guess it depends on the person’s perspective of aging.
Did you ever think about the effects of numbers on our lives?

We speak in terms of numbers.
We say how old we are.
We say how many years we have been married.
We tell the number of children we have.

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