Superficial Judgment

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I was never a cheerleader.
I was never a dancer, though I took ballet lessons as a little girl.
I was never an athlete.
However, I loved music, and singing, and participating in school plays.

On a whim, early in my high school years, I tried out for something.
A few friends and I decided to try out together.
It was not a dance troupe.
It was not a cheerleader squad.

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Salvation Walk

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There is beauty in a winter landscape.
There is beauty even when your heart is hoping for spring.
There is beauty even when the daffodils are covered with snow.
There is beauty even when the grass that was clearly seen a few days before is now hidden.

After another snowfall, I needed to walk.
I miss my walk when the weather keeps me inside.
What is usually my prayer time, was simply a time of amazement this day.
The views that I see every morning were breathtaking.

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Words To Live By

Do you ever think about the fact that very few of us live in the here and now?
Some people live in the past and pine away for the good old days.
Some people live in the future, waiting for the next adventure that is right around the corner.
Very few people live intentionally in the present.

We say we do.
We try to act as if we do.
However, while our bodies are here, our minds are elsewhere.
Our minds are parked in another time that we think is somehow better than the one we are in.

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The Words on the Bumper

I sometimes play a game inside my own head.
I try to figure something out that I see in front of me.
Many times I can arrive at an answer.
Sometimes, the meaning escapes me.

The person has driven away before I had a chance to really think about it.
I am always frustrated when that happens.
Just another minute, I say to myself.
Those words are said in vain as the car drives away.

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The White Plastic Bag

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I carry reusable bags into the grocery store.
For years, I chose both paper and plastic when someone was kind enough to bag for me.
Each type of bag was reused in trash cans or as book covers when my children were young.
I always had a supply of bags on hand.

At the suggestion of a friend in the grocery store one day, I bought a few of the reusable bags.
I now have about ten bags in my car at all times.
There have been a few times when I walked into the store without them.
They actually hold more groceries and can be packed more efficiently.

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