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Occupied With Gladness

My husband always holds my hand.
No matter where we are walking, no matter how far, his hand always finds mine.
I have been married to him for thirty-six years now.
That is a lot of hand holding.

I don’t think about it, since it really is second nature to us.
I don’t think about it until someone else says something.
It always makes me smile when someone notices.
However, that is not why my husband does it.

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The Woman

I had just come out of the little market.
It is my favorite place to buy organic fruits and vegetables.
I love the slogan that is on all of their handled satchels.
Real Food. Local Roots.

I purchased the few things I needed.
I debated whether I should stop and get some of their home made organic soup.
I decided against it on this particular day.
I was ready to go home and have my afternoon cup of tea.

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Maturity Is Learned

My son and his wife were home over the weekend.
They brought their dog as well.
She is so much bigger than the little puppy they got months ago.
She is obedient and smart; my son is definitely her master.

When they first brought their dog home, I was amazed at the speed with which she ate.
My son would have a small cup filled with the dry dog food in his hand.
After a series of commands, Wait, Sit, Back, the food was poured into the bowl.
However, the food was not poured into the bowl all at once, since she practically inhaled it.

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Loose Change

I have a small country crock on the counter in my laundry room.
It is tucked away in the corner.
You would have to look for it in order to see it.
I know it is there.

It is my loose change crock.
Whenever my wallet gets too full of change, I empty the extra change into the crock.
Quarters, dimes, and nickles go into the crock on the counter.
Pennies go elsewhere.

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Fruitful Training

My son and his wife have a dog.
They have a Springer Spaniel.
My son told us that they are a very smart breed.
I admit that I thought his statement might just be the prejudice of a dog owner.

I saw firsthand that he was absolutely correct.
I have watched the results of his training.
I have seen all the things he has taught her to do.
She is very well behaved; she listens and obeys all his commands.

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