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We moved into our house on my birthday, twenty years ago.
My youngest daughter celebrated her first birthday in this house.
Less than a week after we moved in, we traveled to Atlanta.
We were going to the 1996 Olympics.

In the days after we moved in, some of our neighbors came to say hello.
The neighbors that lived right next door had the same last name as ours.
I remember the day they walked into our house.
The husband gave me the nicest compliment I ever received.

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Go Out And Do Something Small

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We watch the news or read the news reports and get weary.
It seems as if nothing good is ever reported.
It seems as if the world has gone mad.
We often feel helpless.

What can I possibly do to make a difference?
Does anything I do really matter in the scheme of things?
Where do I even begin?
I am just one person.

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Innocence Preserved

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I had a sweet mom over the other day with her three precious daughters.
I had not seen them in a while.
It was so lovely to catch up with them.
The two older girls have spent time at my house, the younger one was too young to remember.

The oldest daughter is now 11 years old, which is hard for me to believe.
This mom home schools her three daughters.
They are part of a wonderful program that focuses on classical education.
I listened quite amazed at the things the girls are learning.

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A God’s-Eye View

I have seen bike racks on top of cars.
I have seen people carrying kayaks as well.
I have seen cargo carriers on the top of cars, particularly in the summer months.
However, I finally saw something I had never seen before.

From my vantage point, I could not discern what it was that I saw on top of the little car.
I could see that the car was white and it had writing on the sides.
As I got closer, I saw the familiar logo that I see everyday on my computer and phone.
I would know that logo anywhere.

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Lessons From A Zoo

I saw all the cars in the parking lot.
It was not a weekend.
I could not think of any reason why so many people would be there this time of day.
It was not until I pulled in, that I could see the reason for the crowds.

It was this parking lot that was filled with cars.
I saw mothers and young children all walking in one direction.
There were large colorful tents in the front of the parking lot.
Under the tents, there was a petting zoo.

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