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The Dog’s Bark

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It was a cold morning for a walk.
However, for me, a cold morning is my favorite kind of walk.
Snow was still on the grass from the first snowfall.
The plows and salt trucks had done a good job of taking care of the streets.

It was a quiet morning.
The sky was a wintry gray.
There was just a touch of orange where the sun was trying to break through.
The snow on the trees looked as if a painter had come along with a brush and some white paint.

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The Joyful Contagion

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My church has a bookstore.
Wonderful titles line the shelves.
Books that spur us on in our faith journey.
Books that help us in our devotional life.

Anything that is not seen on the shelves can be ordered.
I have shopped quite a bit in the bookstore during this Christmas season.
The bookstore has a library feel to it.
It beckons you to read; the choices of books are good and true and pure and noble.

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The Thank You Boy

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I heard the exchange as I waited.
What do you say to the lady for giving you a piece of cheese? The mom asked.
Thank you, the little boy said in a sing-song kind of voice.
I think you can do better than that, the mom suggested.

THANK YOU, the little boy said with confidence and volume.
You are very welcome, the person behind the deli counter answered.
That was very good; it is important to say thank you, the mother reminded him.
The mother handed him his little toy as he sat in the shopping cart.

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Leftover Us

One of my sons is not too fond of leftovers.
He always enjoyed whatever I cooked; however, he wanted it for one night only.
Even if it was his favorite meal, leftovers just did not appeal to him.
In all honesty, we never really had leftovers that often when everyone was home.

With five growing children, it was really a matter of making a meal stretch.
I was trying to think about what would feed all seven of us.
I was trying to plan meals so that everyone would have enough.
That was a lot easier to do when the children were young.

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A Splash Of Color

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I followed her out of the store.
We each must have gotten the memo.
We were both wearing black active wear pants.
We were both wearing a colorful active wear shirt.

I happened to be wearing a bright teal colored shirt.
She was wearing a bright coral colored shirt.
I love that color, I said as we both walked out the door.
I love that color as well, she said with a smile, pointing to my shirt.

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