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Reunions and Deck Furniture

Twice a year we do the same thing.
It happens in the spring.
It happens again in the fall.
This past weekend was the day.

It is the day when all of the outdoor furniture comes inside for the winter.
I am never sad about that since I enjoy fall and winter.
I like seeing the table, chairs, and market umbrella right outside my kitchen door.
I like to see the wicker coffee table on my porch.

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The Whistler

I always knew it was him.
I would hear him long before I saw the aisle on which he was working.
One thing always gave it away.
One sound was his trademark.

He whistled.
He whistled all the time.
He was the paradigm for the Whistle While You Work song that I remembered as a child.
It was a pleasure to run into him each week.

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Holy Interruptions

I was in the middle of baking.
It is a recipe I make all the time.
I know the ingredients like the back of my hand.
I can bake this recipe without even looking at the cookbook.

I was called away when my husband wanted to show me something he was working on outside.
I was interrupted for just a few minutes.
When I came back to my Kitchen Aid mixer, I wondered.
Did I just put baking soda or baking powder in the batter?

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A Batch Of Brownies

I hear the rooster all the time.
I have grown to expect it and to actually enjoy its sound.
The rooster makes itself known all day, however.
So much for roosters only crowing in the morning when the sun comes up.

The house to which the rooster belongs was sold months ago.
The house, located deep in the woods, is directly behind our property
I am friends with a sweet woman that lived in the house before.
She comes to the Bible study I teach in my home.

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The Stuff You Use

She knew how her day would go from the way it started out.
She overslept because she forgot to set her alarm.
She hurried through her morning routine trying to accomplish it in half the time.
She jumped into the shower without waiting for the water to get hot.

In the rush to wash her hair, she got shampoo in her eye.
She lathered herself with soap and rinsed quickly.
She could not wait to get warm with a fluffy towel.
She opened the shower door and realized that she never grabbed a towel before hopping in.

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