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One Lone Hair

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I am not a traveler.
I like being home.
There is no place that I have a burning desire to visit.
Everything I love most is right here.

I could say that my lack of desire to travel has to do with contentment.
I could say that I do not like to travel because my back protests after sitting too long.
I could say that I do not like to travel because I get tired on long car rides.

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The Long Line Of Cars

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I was driving on a road that I take all the time.
It is a beautiful, tree lined road with many curves.
There is usually no traffic.
Anytime I happen to be behind a car, we keep moving.

This day was different.
This day, traveling on the road started out just like it had many times before.
Up ahead, I saw a line of cars.
Up ahead, I saw a flashing orange light that you sometimes see on top of a truck.

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The White Plastic Bag

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I carry reusable bags into the grocery store.
For years, I chose both paper and plastic when someone was kind enough to bag for me.
Each type of bag was reused in trash cans or as book covers when my children were young.
I always had a supply of bags on hand.

At the suggestion of a friend in the grocery store one day, I bought a few of the reusable bags.
I now have about ten bags in my car at all times.
There have been a few times when I walked into the store without them.
They actually hold more groceries and can be packed more efficiently.

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Learning To Respond

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You get it handed to you after you place your order.
It is square and fits in the palm of your hand.
It has little lights around each side.
It will alert you when your food is ready.

No matter how many times I am handed one of these buzzers, I am still surprised.
I know that it will light up eventually.
I know that it will make a loud sound as well.
I am never prepared.

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The Faith Of A Child

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My husband is very handy.
He has an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering and an MBA as well.
The further along he went in his career, he did less engineering and more management.
If truth be told, he thinks fondly of the days as a test engineer.

Just give me a project, let me complete it, then give me another one, was what I heard him say.
That desire for projects became woodworking as a hobby.
He was always good fixing things, building things, and making things.
He purchased woodworking equipment for a shop in the unfinished part of our basement.

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