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Torrential Rain

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The flash flood alerts kept coming to my phone.
I always appreciate the alerts.
They are helpful for tracking storms.
They are helpful as rainfall or snowfall amounts are posted.

Sometimes, a flash flood alert comes and it amounts to nothing.
We tend to lose power here in the country, so when a big storm is coming, I fill the bathtub.
I fill the bathtub because when we lose electricity, we cannot run our water.
Having water in the bathtub comes in handy for necessities.

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Changing Pocketbooks

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I have one pocketbook that I use every day.
I am quite used to it.
It has a place for everything.
It has a long strap that can be used across my body.

A women’s pocketbook is a mysterious thing.
It is something she has to buy for herself.
A women’s pocketbook goes with her wherever she goes.
It becomes her friend after a while.

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Testing For Doneness

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All three of my daughters were here for dinner.
My granddaughter was here as well.
My husband, being the only man, was terribly outnumbered.
It was going to be a girl’s night.

I decided to make London Broil since it is a favorite of my girls.
I marinated it that morning.
I could smell the wonderful spices every time I opened the refrigerator.
I knew that they would be pleasantly surprised.

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Leftover Significance

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When my children were growing up, family dinners happened every night.
That was our time to gather.
That was our time to share stories of our day.
That was our time to connect.

With five children, two boys and three girls, we rarely had leftovers.
What was made for dinner was eaten.
I always seemed to make enough.
Very rarely food was wrapped up and put in the refrigerator.

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A Work Of Art

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My husband is very handy.
He can fix anything.
He can build things with ease.
He can do wood carving as well.

I was spoiled through the years since we never had to call someone to do repairs.
He learned those skills quite early.
He did not learn them from his father.
In fact, he did repairs for his parents from time to time.

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