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Daddy’s Here

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It was a spring day in early May.
The incident happened over twenty-eight years ago.
I was pregnant with my third child.
I was due at the end of June.

Being tall, I carried my children all out in front.
My belly was like a basketball.
It was the days of maternity shirts that looked like maternity shirts.
Shapeless shirts with lots of room was all that was available back then.

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The View From Up There

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We have a bridge that connects one side of our upstairs with the other.
The bridge looks down over the family room on one side.
The bridge looks down over the foyer on the other.
There was one rule when we moved into our house twenty years ago.

Nothing could be thrown off the bridge.
I could imagine toys flying over the railing.
I could imagine things being dropped down to the floor below.
So that the temptation would be resisted, I put furniture on the bridge.

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Vocal Retorts

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My alarm clock goes off at 6:30 am.
That is actually late for me.
For years, I got up at 4:45 every morning.
It was nice to get a jump on the day.

People actually groaned when I told them the time I woke up.
I wanted to be up before my children.
I wanted to shower and get dressed for the day.
I wanted to have my own breakfast and some quiet time before they all woke up.

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The Touch

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Her round belly beautifully protruded from her shirt.
It was obvious that her delivery date was quite soon.
She had that mother’s glow.
She had a sweet peacefulness about her.

I reached out and touched her belly.
It was as if, despite the layers of clothes and her skin, I was somehow touching her baby.
It was perfectly acceptable to do so.
In fact, it is the kind of touch that happens quite frequently to pregnant women.

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A Sleeping Princess

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My entire family was home for Easter, which was a blessing.
We talked and laughed; we remembered and dreamed.
Even if the stories were heard before, there is joy in the retelling.
The stories connect us; they are part of our history.

It was the dress up box that we were remembering.
The dress up box used to be in my youngest daughter’s closet.
The dress up box was really a small wicker hamper.
It was just the right height for my children to open in order to retrieve things.

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