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A Real Flame

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Many years ago, a friend gave me a lovely votive candle holder.
She knew that I love candles.
She knew that I love blueberries.
This votive candle holder had clusters of blueberries on the base.

I only burn one candle, which sits on my island in the kitchen.
It is my favorite scent: Country Store.
It is a conglomeration of all the scents you might smell if you walk into a country store.
The scent of the candle permeates the entire house.

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My youngest daughter came home for the weekend to celebrate her birthday.
She was excited to see friends on her birthday and then celebrate with family the next day.
Since her actual birthday was quite busy, her presents remained unopened until the next day.
I remember the years when opening presents was the first thing my children wanted to do.

Often, when they were younger they would still have to wait, which was always difficult.
When they got older, they had more self-control.
However, birthdays are a big deal in our house.
It is a real celebration of life.

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The Woman In The Chair

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I saw them every week at the grocery store.
She held on to the shopping cart for support.
Her cane was always sticking out of the cart.
It was strategically placed so as not to disturb the groceries.

She was always with her son.
He faithfully brought her to the grocery store each week.
After seeing them week after week, it was inevitable that we would finally meet.
One week we had a lovely conversation; I felt like I was beginning to know this woman.

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The School Bus

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I never rode a yellow school bus in all my years of school.
I thought of that as I sat behind school buses while I was driving home.
I watched the caution lights blink yellow then red.
I saw the red STOP sign stick out from the side of the bus.

I could see the heads of the children on the bus.
It was obvious that the older children were in the back of the bus.
I watched them gather their things when they needed to get off at their bus stop.
The bus driver had such patience as the child took their time to walk up the aisle.

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The Sound System

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We have a sound system with speakers in various rooms of our house.
Sound systems installed when a house is built must be wonderful.
This system consists of various Bluetooth speakers in the rooms of our choice.
We started out with two speakers; and have expanded to five.

There is a speaker in the family room and the kitchen.
There is a speaker in the dining room and the living room.
There is a speaker on the bridge that overlooks the family room and foyer.
When all the speakers are on, the entire downstairs has continuous sound.

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