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Furnishing The Nursery

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With a grandchild expected to arrive in a few months, I am shopping for baby furniture.
I always told my children that I planned to have a full nursery here in our home.
I wanted it to be very easy for them for come her with their children.
I just want you to bring yourselves and the baby, was what I always said.

Now is the time to shop.
My daughter and her husband have already selected the things for their nursery.
It is time for me to look around for nursery furniture for our house.
It almost feels like it did when I was twenty-four and purchasing our nursery for the first time.

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Thursday Night At 8:00

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It was a Thursday night ritual.
I had my favorite spot on the sofa.
I could look behind me and see my mother sitting on the chair.
It was something we enjoyed doing together.

I always had to make sure I turned on the television minutes before the actual show.
It was the days when televisions had to warm up a bit.
There was no instantaneous picture at the turn of a button.
There were no television controls; to change a channel you had to get up from the chair.

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The Woman At The Gift Wrap Counter

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I had to get something gift wrapped.
I never utilize that service; however in this case it was necessary.
I found a perfect gift but I actually purchased the last one.
There was no box for the item that I wanted to wrap.

I paid for my purchase.
The salesgirl carefully wrapped it in tissue paper.
She directed me to the gift wrap area.
She told me to show the woman my receipt.

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Memories Of Spaghetti Sauce

The mother of our dear friend died on Thanksgiving Day.
My husband came into the kitchen, looking down at his phone.
He had just gotten the news.
My heart hurt.

This dear friend was my husband’s best man at our wedding.
This dear friend went to grade school, high school, and college with my husband.
This dear friend shared the driving down to Georgia Tech each year.
In fact, my husband destroyed an eight-track tape on one of their long drives.

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Renegade Pasta

We were having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.
I opened the box and proceeded to put the pasta in the boiling water.
I did what my mother used to do.
I broke a handful of the pasta in half before dropping it in the water.

I heard a piece of pasta fall to the floor.
It is not easy to find a dry piece of pasta on my floor since the color tends to blend.
Mostly, I have to find it by hearing.
I am pretty good at hearing where something falls.

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