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A Weekend Of Sprinkling

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Sometimes two seemingly unrelated things can be quite similar.
Two events, that can easily stand alone, have significance when looked at together.
I noticed the truth of this with two family events that happened this past weekend.
God’s hand was evident in both.

The first event was the bridal shower for my son’s fiancĂ©.
The bridal shower was in Washington, DC.
Two of my daughters and my daughter-in-love were able to attend.
My daughter, who just had our precious granddaughter, did not attend.

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We had a lovely family weekend. A bridal shower and a baby dedication happened. And we rejoiced. A new Whispers will be published on Tuesday, June 19, as God allows.


A Joyful Revelation

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If anyone asked me to describe the past nine months, I could sum it up in one word.
Waiting for our daughter and her husband to become parents.
Waiting for our first grandbaby to arrive.

Every Tuesday morning, my daughter would send me a text.
The picture was from a pregnancy app she had on her phone.
The text would be a drawing of a particular fruit or vegetable.
It would show the number of weeks and weight and length of her little baby.

I looked forward to my Tuesday morning text.

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Whispers of His Movement will resume on Tuesday, May 29. By God’s grace, our family is preparing for the arrival of a precious little boy or girl. I will update all of you with news. Listen for His Whispers along …

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Two Kinds Of Slippery

I had a lovely morning with a young mom and her three children.
She has a five-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter.
Her baby is almost six months old.
I made sure to ask their ages because I wanted to get out the right toys for them.

A doll house for the three-year-old would be appropriate.
A garage with accessories for the five-year-old seemed right.
The toy chest was open so that they could take anything from there as well.
It was not until I talked to the five-year-old boy did I discover that he loved Legos.

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