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Play People On The Rug

I spent part of the morning in the attic.
I was looking for something that I found almost immediately.
But I stayed up there.
I was enjoying the memories.

We have sturdy pull-down ladder that allows us to go up to the attic.
I asked my husband to put a metal bar on the floor at the top of the attic opening.
When you leave the attic, you have to turn yourself around and come down backwards.
I wanted a strong bar for any of us to hold onto as we come down the ladder.

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The Chalk Circle

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I spent the day with my daughter-in-love.
We met in my favorite place of Amish buggies and farmland.
It happens to be one of her favorite places, too.
It is a halfway point between the two of us.

I had places I wanted to show her.
I had little shops I wanted to take her to see.
I wanted to take her to lunch as well.
We planned the day and put it on our calendars.

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There Is Always One

I drove past the retention pond.
It was next to the parking lot near the outlets where I planned to do some shopping.
I pass it all the time but never really notice it.
However, this time I did.

The retention pond was doing exactly what it is supposed to do.
It captured the water run-off from the higher elevation areas.
The pond was filled with water.
It actually looked quite lovely with the sunlight dancing off the water.

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Memories On A Porch

My morning ritual is the same throughout the summer.
Each day my plants must be watered.
I water the plants on the deck outside my kitchen and the plants out front in the old rusty gates.
Watering the plants on the side porch made me pause.

It is a sneak attack.
The memories that come on so strong you have to pay attention.
The memories that catch you off guard in a good way.
The memories that scream to be remembered.

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Opening Up A Space

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I went to my favorite Whole Foods market to buy the organic honey I enjoy.
I put a few other things in my basket and walked up to the cash register.
As I approached the counter, I was surprised to see a little girl.
She was sitting up on the counter hugging a very worn stuffed animal.

I held my basket since there was no place to put it down.
Her daddy was finishing his purchase.
She was watching everyone, still hugging her special stuffed friend.
I noticed her hair; it was so blond, it was almost white.

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