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The Tea Towel

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I love when I go to the mailbox and see that I received a package.
I especially love receiving a package when I have no idea what it could be.
I saw the white bubble mailer in the mailbox with the other mail.
I took it out and instantly recognized the address.

I had no idea what this sweet friend could be sending me.
I couldn’t wait to open it when I got inside.
I put the mail on the kitchen island.
I went over to my desk to get some scissors.

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The Heart Of A Champion

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Excitement was in the air.
The mood of the city was electric.
Everywhere you went, there was only one thing people would talk about.
Could this be the year?

Do we dare hope for something that has been out of our reach for so long?
There was something different about this year.
There was hope based on facts that were clearly seen over months of hard work.
There was hope that went beyond the hard work and determination.

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Sneaker Shopping

My youngest daughter just got back from California.
She is a senior in college and will be graduating in May.
Her college has something called a J-term, which takes place in the month of January.
J-term is one class that meets each day for an extended period of time.

Some students choose to travel abroad for their J-term.
Some students choose to stay on campus and take a class.
Some students, like my daughter, choose to go somewhere and serve.
No matter what you choose during J-term, the experience is wonderful.

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Pirouetting Plastic

I saw it floating in the air.
White and billowy, it seemed to move so effortlessly.
I could not tell what it was, since I was much too far back.
However, as I continued on the road, it became clearer.

It was a large piece of plastic.
It was probably wrapped around something on the back of a truck.
It more than likely got loose as the truck traveled on the 55 mile per hour road.
Something was no longer wrapped; something decided it would rather dance.

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Within Earshot

I had just left the ATM machine at the grocery store when I heard him.
He works in a custodial position in the store.
This day he was emptying the trash cans and adding new plastic liners in each.
He saw me and asked his question using, as taught to my children, an outside voice.

What book would you recommend for a child? he asked me loud enough for everyone to hear.
Did he realize how difficult that question was?
Did he know that I have far too many to even begin to list them?
I will meet you over there and we can talk, I said to him.

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