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The Plant

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I rang the doorbell with a tray in hand.
I made a meal for someone and was bringing it to their house around dinner time.
The husband answered the door.
The wife was standing in the foyer with a smile.

The meal was to bless them.
However, the visit ending up blessing me.
Isn’t that always the way it goes?
Reciprocal blessings.

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The Fragrance

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We were trying to figure out how we first met.
Our youngest daughters are the same age.
They were in youth group together.
We go to the same church.

However, there was a moment.
There was that occasion when our friendship began.
Neither one of us was certain.
Not until I gave her a hug.

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The Fisherman

A state park is close to my home.
There are hiking trails and a beautiful man-made lake.
In order to drive most places, I must drive over that pristine lake.
It is the place where people will stop to take pictures since the sunsets over the lake are amazing.

The bridge that goes over the lake is quite wide along each shoulder.
That is where cars will pull over to take photographs.
That is where the park rangers will often come to inspect.
That is where a life preserver is always hung.

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Scuff Marks On The Soles Of Our Shoes

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There are plenty of statements that play on repeat in our minds.
Many of those statements are things we learned as children.
Even into our adult life, we still hear them.
No wonder people say they begin to sound like their parents after a while.

Wash your hands.
Wipe your feet.
Brush your teeth.
Elbows off the table.

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The Sale

It was the preview day of my favorite sale.
It is a consignment sale that happens twice a year to support a local playschool.
I have been going to the sale twice a year for about twenty-five years.
Having a preview day is something new.

Preview days are crowded but not nearly as crowded as opening day.
Strollers are not allowed on the premises either day until noon.
Consequently, you see mothers with babies in carriers.
The sale is well-known in this area; there is something for everyone.

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