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A Table And Six Chairs

I saw the car stopped up ahead.
We were both driving on a very curvy road.
The place the car decided to stop was not the best place to pull over.
Something must be very important to make a car pull over at this spot.

A man was in the driver’s seat.
He began to get out of his car.
As I approached I could see why he pulled over.
As I approached, I could hear my mother’s voice.

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The Kingdom Breaks Through

I stopped at the UPS store to make copies.
It is my go to place before each Bible study I teach in my home.
I see the same employees each time I go into the store.
They have come to expect me every other week.

The first half of our Bible study, from September to December, had no interruptions.
However, our second half, from January to April, was cancelled twice.
Each of the two snowstorms we had, happened to occur on a Wednesday.
Our last two Bible study classes had to be rescheduled.

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The Beckoning

Our daughter’s baby shower will be at our home in a few days.
Preparations are underway.
The menu is planned and confirmed with the caterers.
Last minute details are being handled.

Of course, some preparations are not only for the shower itself.
Sometimes a little pampering is in order.
I decided that I would take the mother-to-be and one of her sisters, to get pedicures.
We tend to do this together before special occasions.

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The Tea Towel

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I love when I go to the mailbox and see that I received a package.
I especially love receiving a package when I have no idea what it could be.
I saw the white bubble mailer in the mailbox with the other mail.
I took it out and instantly recognized the address.

I had no idea what this sweet friend could be sending me.
I couldn’t wait to open it when I got inside.
I put the mail on the kitchen island.
I went over to my desk to get some scissors.

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The Heart Of A Champion

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Excitement was in the air.
The mood of the city was electric.
Everywhere you went, there was only one thing people would talk about.
Could this be the year?

Do we dare hope for something that has been out of our reach for so long?
There was something different about this year.
There was hope based on facts that were clearly seen over months of hard work.
There was hope that went beyond the hard work and determination.

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