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The Christmas Chair

This blog post was originally published December 2015.
It is being reprinted here to bless you.

We have a chair in our living room.
It is just an ordinary chair in appearance.
It is an extraordinary chair in function.
It is the chair we each take turns to sit in on Christmas morning.

Our living room is the room where we have our Christmas tree.
It is the room with the baby grand piano.
It is the room that is painted a warm cranberry red.
It is the room that has bookcases filled with books.

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He Came

This poem was originally written and published in June 2012.
Br request, I am publishing it again for this Christmas season.
Be blessed as you ponder the Truth in the words.
This poem and others can be found in my book, Whispers in Verse.

In a manger with hay
In the night, not the day
God caused His Son to be born.
A young girl would hold
All her arms could enfold
Wrapped in rags that were tattered and torn.

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A Song To Sing

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I teach a Bible study in my home.
It is a blessing to have such a wonderful group of women.
They come to my house every other Wednesday.
We open God’s Word and study it together.

Women of all ages come to the Bible study.
Young moms can bring their children thanks to the two home school girls who watch them.
I love to see the children’s excitement as they come in and run right down to the basement.
I rotate my children’s toys so they do not play with the same things each time.

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The Three Boxes

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I remember when I opened the box.
My oldest son always tried to get something unique for me each Christmas.
At the time, he worked at a wonderful garden shop.
He had that job all throughout high school.

In fact, I had three children who worked at the garden shop.
My daughter, who is carrying our first grandchild, worked there first.
Soon, my two sons were employed as well; the oldest first and then the younger.
It was fun for me to go there during the Christmas season and see my children.

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The Paradox

When everyone is preparing for Christmas and longing for the celebration, some are struggling.
When the songs of the season are heard and sung with joyful anticipation, some close their ears.
When everyone seems Merry but that is not appropriate, some close themselves off.
When sending cards, buying presents, planning meals is on the to-do list, some pull back.

For some, this time of year is very difficult.
Memories close to the surface, seem to bubble up at the wrong time.
Relationships that need mending seem more pronounced in the twelfth month.
Turning the calendar to January just cannot come fast enough for some.

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