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Joy Dance

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I went food shopping a day early.
My usual day will be spent waiting for a new washer to be delivered.
Food shopping day has been the same day for my entire married life.
Only certain things will cause me to switch to another day.

It’s funny what we work around.
We have certain things on our calendar that repeat each week.
There’s nothing wrong with that.
However, if changing the routine is a problem, then we have to rethink our priorities.

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The Joy Dance

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I was a few cars back but I saw him.
Three other cars were in front of me.
There was no place we could go.
We had to stay where we were.

I did not mind a bit.
It was as if I had a front row seat.
The whole thing made me smile.
I had a front row seat to joy.

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Salt And Light

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It was the day of the funeral of a special woman.
She was the mother of my dear friend.
The funeral was in Philadelphia.
My husband wanted to take me.

I wanted to be there for my friend.
I knew that I would probably not see her to talk to her or give her a hug.
I just hoped that she would see me.
I just hoped that there would be an unspoken word through a smile or glance.

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A Comforting Sign

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The mother of my dear friend just died.
She was 93 years old.
Some may say that because of her age, she has lived a full life.
They would be right.

However, full life or not, my friend’s mother will be missed.
She was a woman who I described lovingly as a little spitfire.
And little she was, especially next to my tall frame.
She was feisty, opinionated, funny, sharp as a tack, and she loved to sing.

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It Is Well

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It was decided months ago.
My daughters and I would plan a mother-daughter trip.
Actually, it did not start out that way.
It started out to be a trip for sisters; the oldest and the youngest.

When my oldest daughter asked her sister where she would like to go, she said Nashville.
She picked that place without skipping a beat.
Do you want Mom to come? My oldest daughter asked her sister.
That would be fun, my youngest said.

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