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The Joy Dance

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I was a few cars back but I saw him.
Three other cars were in front of me.
There was no place we could go.
We had to stay where we were.

I did not mind a bit.
It was as if I had a front row seat.
The whole thing made me smile.
I had a front row seat to joy.

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Salt And Light

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It was the day of the funeral of a special woman.
She was the mother of my dear friend.
The funeral was in Philadelphia.
My husband wanted to take me.

I wanted to be there for my friend.
I knew that I would probably not see her to talk to her or give her a hug.
I just hoped that she would see me.
I just hoped that there would be an unspoken word through a smile or glance.

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A Comforting Sign

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The mother of my dear friend just died.
She was 93 years old.
Some may say that because of her age, she has lived a full life.
They would be right.

However, full life or not, my friend’s mother will be missed.
She was a woman who I described lovingly as a little spitfire.
And little she was, especially next to my tall frame.
She was feisty, opinionated, funny, sharp as a tack, and she loved to sing.

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It Is Well

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It was decided months ago.
My daughters and I would plan a mother-daughter trip.
Actually, it did not start out that way.
It started out to be a trip for sisters; the oldest and the youngest.

When my oldest daughter asked her sister where she would like to go, she said Nashville.
She picked that place without skipping a beat.
Do you want Mom to come? My oldest daughter asked her sister.
That would be fun, my youngest said.

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Simple Joys

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A goldfinch flew right by me when I was on my walk.
It caught me by surprise.
It thrilled me.
The bright yellow color of the feathers against the green leaves was so lovely.

I remember when we built a front porch on the house we lived in before this one.
I would sit on the porch swing and watch the birds at the bird feeder.
There were quite a few goldfinches that came to the feeder to eat the birdseed that was there.
I am not getting up off this swing until I see a goldfinch, I would say to myself.

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