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My Favorite Number

There reaches a point when people tend to say, it’s just a number, concerning their age.
I have not quite figured out at what age people begin to say those words.
I guess it depends on the person’s perspective of aging.
Did you ever think about the effects of numbers on our lives?

We speak in terms of numbers.
We say how old we are.
We say how many years we have been married.
We tell the number of children we have.

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Monuments Of Remembrance

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Even though our son comes home, this is the time of year we go to visit him.
He is a lawyer in Washington, D.C.
I enjoy seeing him, where he lives and works.
I enjoy seeing his friends.

My husband and I planned the weekend, which worked with our son’s schedule.
The only thing I wanted to do, besides seeing him, was to visit all of the monuments.
I had seen them years before but I had not seen a few of the newer ones.
It was up to our son to make reservations at various restaurants and plan our touring day.

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The Oven Sensor

I heard the beeping.
I was talking to my youngest daughter who came home to spend the day together.
I was looking past her as she was talking to me.
It’s just the oven timer, Mom, she said.

No, it’s not, I answered, I never set the timer.
We were having roast beef that night since two of my daughters would be home for dinner.
I jumped up and ran into the kitchen.
There was a code on the oven display, which I had seen once before.

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The Walnut Tree

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I have a love-hate relationship with a tree.
It is a tree that is on our front lawn.
It is a tree that has a swing my husband made for our youngest daughter.
It is a tree that children run to when they are at our house.

It is a walnut tree.
For anyone that has a walnut tree in their yard, you know the mess they create.
The walnuts drop constantly onto the driveway with a loud, PLOP.
As we drive up the driveway, the walnuts crush with a loud sound.

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A Wonderfully, Annoying Protrusion

There is a certain kind of sandal I like to wear.
The shoes are a bit more expensive but they are so comfortable for my back.
I can walk all day in those walking sandals.
They are not the most stylish shoe in the world but they feel amazing.

I went on the website to look and see what styles they had for fall.
We are planning to visit our son in D.C. in a few weeks.
I knew that we would be doing a lot of walking.
I want to see all the monuments again and want to be prepared to walk many miles.

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