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Over And Above

Our trash pickup day is on Wednesday.
Our trash men and recycling men are very punctual.
Customers are encouraged to put their trash and recycling out the night before.
If you forget to put it out the night before, it is highly unlikely you will catch them in time.

I listened to a message was sent a few days before our scheduled pick up day.
Due to the Fourth of July holiday, your trash will not be picked up as scheduled.
Your rescheduled trash day will be Saturday, July 7.
Please make sure to put your trash and recycling out the night before to ensure pickup.

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To Be Intentional With A Towel

Anyone with a front load washing machine knows what you have to do after a cycle.
Anyone with a front load washing machine knows what happens if you forget.
The smell will point you right to the problem.
The solution is quite simple.

Many years ago, we bought our first front load washing machine.
Gone were the days of waiting for the drum to fill with water.
Gone were the days of anything with a strap getting wrapped around the agitator.
Gone were the days of using too much water and not being energy efficient.

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Brown Among The Green

I saw a tiny bird on my walk.
It was close to the side of the road.
I wondered if it had been injured.
I stopped and stooped down just a bit.

I saw its little eyes darting back and forth.
I saw its rapid breathing.
Hello, little one, I said as if it understood me.
The little eyes seemed to look in my direction, or maybe I just thought they did.

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A Princess In Our Midst

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She was with her grandmother.
We were in the room where the antique things are kept.
It was a day to drive to my favorite place.
It was a day to explore my favorite little shop.

The back of my minivan was filled with donations.
I emptied my car making a few trips inside the large area where donations are sorted.
The room was neat and organized.
Amish men in suspenders and straw hats usually do the sorting.

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When The Task Becomes Complicated

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If you have been around young children, you have probably read a particular book.
Children love the story.
They find it very funny.
Adults find the story hits a little too close to home.

The book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, is written by Laura Numeroff.
She has written other books which delight children as well.
If You Give A Pig A Pancake and If You Give A Moose a Muffin are some other titles.
Children delight in the circular story that ends where it began.

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