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The Dessert Police

It was the day of the church picnic.
The temperature was to be in the low 90’s.
The picnic was held at a local park, which has a pavilion, a ball field, and a playground.
There is quite a bit of shade at the park and there always seems to be a breeze.

Some of us were part of the committee.
We all had our jobs to do to make sure the day was delightful for everyone.
We had men and boys lift tables and supplies.
The food was ordered ahead of time and only desserts were asked to be brought.

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The Copy Machine

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I have a confession.
Copy machines intimidate me.
It is a silly thing.
The intimidation is very real.

My daughter is an intern this summer.
She is a mercy ministry intern for a non-profit organization.
She is living on the outskirts of the city of Philadelphia with the other interns.
The interns serve in different groups that will minister to the people in the community.

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Floaties and Futility

I really do not remember all the ins and outs of learning to swim.
I remember the rules.
I remember the ropes that marked off the shallow water from the deep end.
I remember the baby pool.

As children got older, the name of that pool was an embarrassment.
No one wanted to go into the baby pool.
The swim club soon renamed it the wading pool.
That was much better.

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The 45 Records

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It was my special place.
To anyone else, it was just a basement.
To me, it was my hideaway.
It was a place of music and dreaming.

The walls in my special place were paneled like many walls in the 1960s.
I was allowed to decorate this space anyway I wanted.
I covered the paneled walls with posters.
Posters that every pre-teen and teenage girl had on her wall at that time.

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The Figurine

I can still picture her on the table.
She was on the table next to our sofa in the living room.
I remember the philodendron plant that thrived there.
I remember the way the plant cascaded down the side of the table closest to the front door.

It was a figurine of a little girl.
She had pigtails with red bows.
She was wearing green slippers.
She was holding an apron in her hands ready to wrap it around her waist.

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