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Putting Out The Trash

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We had quite a few milk crates in our basement.
Years ago, we had a milk man deliver milk to our home but these crates were not from him.
The milk man’s crates had the name of the dairy prominently displayed.
These crates were just your run of the mill milk crates in various colors.

We had four red milk crates that were used to make shelves for my oldest son’s dorm room.
A sturdy piece of wood was placed on top of two milk crates.
With four milk crates, my son was able to make two instant shelves.
He chose red milk crates because red is his favorite color.

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I read her email and my heart hurt.
The mother of my dear friend is in the hospital.
I knew that she had been having health issues.
The email was difficult to read.

This woman is 93 years old.
She has been in my home.
She has come to the Bible study I teach when she was here visiting her daughter.
She was always feisty, and opinionated, and extremely independent.

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A Good Watering

A friend was coming over to spend some time on my porch.
I was looking forward to the blessing of our conversation.
I was looking forward to the respite that time with a friend can provide.
I was looking forward to sitting on my porch swing while she sat on the rocker.

Isn’t it funny how you have your own seat?
Isn’t it funny how you tend to sit in the same seat in the places you frequent?
It’s not as if there is a gold plaque declaring the seat to be yours.
It just seems to be understood somehow.

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A Long Reach

I am one of those people.
I am the one of those people that people shorter than me approach in a store.
I am always asked the question in a quiet, I don’t want to impose, kind of way.
I am the one who always gets asked to grab something on a high shelf.

Usually, the person will say, You’re tall; can I ask you a favor?
I don’t mean to bother you, but could you get that for me? They say pointing.
Oh, to be tall like you, then I could reach the high shelf.
Would you help me?

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The Truck Filled With Dirt

We are the second owners of the house in which we currently live.
We built the house we lived in before this one.
Many new homeowners said, I wish they would stop building, now that we live here.
It was said tongue in cheek but the honesty of the statement always struck me.

All these years later, they are still building.
Villages with apartments, town houses, and single family homes have been completed.
Those villages have shops, farmer’s markets, concerts, and restaurants.
Those villages seem to be the up and coming way to build.

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