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The Dragonslayer

It seems to be the time for princesses.
Any mother of a little girl knows that she will inevitably dress as a princess at least once.
Stories and fairy tales tell of princesses.
Movies that many of us can name and have seen repeatedly, have a princess as the main character.

I always loved a quote from beloved author, C.S. Lewis.
Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again. (C.S.Lewis)
That quote always made me ponder.
The stories we read our children are timeless; the plot is one we need to hear.

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Dirty Floors

It has been established that I do not like to iron.
I do iron but I always think it is futile.
I tend to wait until I have about two weeks of my husband’s shirts before I get out the iron.
I put my music on, quite loud, which helps get me through the task.

I know that whatever I iron always looks better after I finish.
It is the process I do not like.
It is getting the ironing board out and filling the iron with water for steam.
It is wheeling the clothes rack from the laundry room to the kitchen.

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Making Lists

I am the queen of lists.
You can expect to see a few post-it notes on my kitchen cabinet.
There is something so freeing about pulling a post-it note off, knowing the list got done.
I will usually have a 3×5 card with me when I run errands to make sure nothing is forgotten.

A list is a good thing but it should not be a ruling thing.
If something comes up in my day and the list does not get done, that is fine.
The list can wait until tomorrow.
However, making lists and trying to finish lists keep me organized.

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The Star Wars Car

I was looking forward to having a young mother and her two sons come over.
We had the date on the calendar for a while.
I remember when she had her second son year ago.
It was hard to believe that an entire year had passed.

I got out the toys I thought her boys would like to play with while we had tea in the kitchen.
It is easy to think about what a three-year-old and a one-year-old would like.
I once had two boys that age.
Anything with wheels is usually a big hit.

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Getting Blood Drawn

This is the time of year I usually get my cholesterol numbers checked.
It means an annual visit to the facility that draws blood.
It means remembering the script that was given to me months in advance.
It is routine and enables me take proactive care of my health.

I made the appointment and put it on my calendar.
I knew that I would have to fast from eating or drinking at least twelve hours before.
I actually fasted fourteen hours before.
It just worked out that way from the time we finished dinner until the time of my appointment.

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