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The Sneak Attack Of The Lasts

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My youngest daughter sent a text to the family.
She joyfully announced that she had taken her last college exam.
In a little over a week, she will be graduated.
In a little over a week, a new chapter begins.

Not just a new chapter for my daughter but for my husband as well.
He has put five children through college.
This is his last child to receive an undergraduate degree.
Each of them are so grateful to their dad for providing for them and making this possible.

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Celebrating Life

We have all said or heard the words.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.
However, it was not stockings that were hung on the mantel.
This time, it was something much different.

This time, small clothespins held Onesies, hats, socks, and baby mittens.
This time we were all gathered to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby.
Forty women came to our home for a baby shower.
It was a day to rejoice in anticipation.

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Necessary Encouragement

She was in front of me.
I could see that she had a large stroller.
It almost looked like a running stroller but I knew it was not.
I could see two little girls sitting in the front.

The mother had placed all of her items on the belt as it moved forward.
She was buying cute decorations for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.
She was buying things that little girls would love.
There was another little girl standing next to the stroller.

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An Early Morning Text

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The text came through early in the morning.
It was sent on the family thread.
It was part of the ongoing conversation we use most days to stay connected.
Funny things, serious things, and accomplishments all find their way on the thread.

This text was very special.
This text consisted of two pictures.
The pictures were gray, grainy, and yet so incredibly beautiful.
It was the subject of the picture that took my breath away.

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The Special Announcement

I was down in the finished part of our basement.
I was putting something away.
I saw it tucked next to the sofa.
It was the cradle my husband made for one of our daughters.

My husband is an amazing woodworker.
Woodworking is a hobby that he loves.
He made our large farm table in the kitchen.
He made our armoire in the family room as an anniversary present many years ago.

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