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The Special Announcement

I was down in the finished part of our basement.
I was putting something away.
I saw it tucked next to the sofa.
It was the cradle my husband made for one of our daughters.

My husband is an amazing woodworker.
Woodworking is a hobby that he loves.
He made our large farm table in the kitchen.
He made our armoire in the family room as an anniversary present many years ago.

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Conversation In A Bathroom

I heard them talking.
We were all in the public bathroom at the store with the bulls eye on the front.
I knew that the young mother was hoping to use the large handicap stall, but it was occupied.
Those larger stalls are such a blessing to mothers with small children.

I could hear the mother and her young child talking as I was at the sink.
I climb under there, Mommy!
No, don’t climb under there! The mother said with exasperation.

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The Empty Stroller

The date was set.
I knew that two of my daughters were planning to participate.
I learned that my son-in-love was also joining in that morning.
I decided to register as well.

I registered for a 5K Walk/Run to support our local crisis pregnancy center.
A walk had been done a previous year in another location.
However, this year it was expanded to be a run as well.
It was moved to a more central location.

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Beckoned In The Night

I remember the night like it was yesterday.
We had four of our five children at the time.
It was the days of early baths and bedtimes.
It was the days of leisurely time alone with my husband.

Time alone to read or watch a movie together.
Time alone to have a cup of tea.
I remember the night we heard little footsteps in the kitchen.
Our second child, a daughter, was standing next to me as I sat on the sofa with my feet up.

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Let Them Be Little

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A Hobby Lobby store opened nearby.
It is a store where I can always find something unique.
It is another store to add to my list of favorites.
I was just there with my youngest daughter before she went back to college.

A few days later I was back again, by myself this time.
When I was with my daughter, I simply browsed.
I stopped at the section where all the wooden signs are found.
There was one sign that caught my eye.

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