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The Words on the Bumper

I sometimes play a game inside my own head.
I try to figure something out that I see in front of me.
Many times I can arrive at an answer.
Sometimes, the meaning escapes me.

The person has driven away before I had a chance to really think about it.
I am always frustrated when that happens.
Just another minute, I say to myself.
Those words are said in vain as the car drives away.

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Her Momma’s Table

I received a picture message from my friend on my phone.
A picture of a charming little church with white clapboard siding and a large steeple.
My friend always passes this church when she takes this particular route.
She wanted to share it with me.

It is the kind of church you would see in a New England town.
But my friend was not in New England.
I sent her a message in reply.
How inviting!!! (multiple exclamation points for emphasis)

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There is a certain way I call everyone to dinner.
It may be the tone of my voice, the inflection, or the expectation of the call.
It is always heard.
They always come.

There is something comforting in the call…and in the time around the table.

I even have an old cast iron bell on a post outside.
When the children were little, and playing outside, it was the best way to call them home.
The sound reverberated…it was recognized…it was answered.

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