Superficial Judgment

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I was never a cheerleader.
I was never a dancer, though I took ballet lessons as a little girl.
I was never an athlete.
However, I loved music, and singing, and participating in school plays.

On a whim, early in my high school years, I tried out for something.
A few friends and I decided to try out together.
It was not a dance troupe.
It was not a cheerleader squad.

It was a group of girls wearing cute uniforms, performing a dance routine during a game.
The group of girls would go out onto the field during halftime.
A few of us tried out and for the life of me I do not remember what we had to do.
I do remember that we had to wear shorts which, we were told, could not be too short.

When our name was called we stood in the center of the auditorium stage.
We were told to stand with our legs together.
Notes were taken and thank you was said.
We exited the stage on the other side.

Two of my friends made the squad.
I did not make it nor did some of my other friends.
That’s just the way it goes.
I was fine with the decision, since I did not like football that much anyway.

One of my other friends came over to all of us that did not make the squad.
Do you know why we didn’t make it? She asked, quite upset.
We looked at her and at each other.
We didn’t make it because we don’t have three triangles in our legs, she said in frustration.

Using her legs as an example, she pointed to three areas on her legs.
Depending on the shape and size of your legs, three natural triangles seemed to appear.
Or not.
It was the, or nots, who did not make the squad.

I was not upset.
I really wanted to be in the school play most of all.
Our high school was known for its productions.
However, my friend was not so calm.

Did you ever hear of anything more ridiculous? She asked not expecting an answer.
Who ever heard of having triangles near you calf? She asked no one in particular.
They just want a certain look, I said to her without a hint of justification.
Well, that is just wrong! She said emphatically.

I had never heard anyone voice opinions on this issue before that day.
She could understand not making the squad based on talent.
She could not understand the failure to make the squad based on body parts.
In this case, the decision was based on the lack of triangles near our calves.

My friend was ahead of her time.
The squad had wonderful girls who were good dancers performing on the field at halftime.
Even though height and hair color were different, there was a look that was the same.
You either had the look or you did not.

My friend knew that all of us were far more than our looks.
We were far more than whether or not triangles could be seen near our calves.
We were young women with a mind.
We were young woman with a purpose.

Things have not changed that much since the 70s.
I am sure Hollywood is filled with casting agents looking for one thing or another.
I am sure that many are turned away because they do no have the look someone wants.
I wonder how many ask the reason why, much like my friend did all those years ago?

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes.  Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.
(1 Peter 3:3,4)

God does not look for triangles.
God does not look for a certain type of person when He calls them.
God looks at what cannot be seen.
God looks at our hearts.

I am so delighted that He does.
Can you imagine standing there on some heavenly stage?
Can you imagine God with a clipboard?
Thank you. Next, we hear.

Can you imagine looking at God as he makes notes?
Can you imagine God dismissing us on the basis of something external?
How grateful I am that God does not do that.
How grateful I am that God sees what no one else sees.

God the Father looks for one thing and one thing only.
God looks for a heart that is His.
God looks for a heart of flesh not a heart of stone.
God looks for a new heart that comes from trusting in Jesus alone for our salvation.

No clipboard.
No notes.
No mention of anything on the outside.
God the Father only cares about what is on the inside; that which cannot be seen by the world.

God is not looking for a type.
You do not get dismissed because you are too tall or short, too young or old.
You do not get dismissed because you do not have the look that everyone else has in the lineup.
You do not get dismissed because you simply do not measure up.

The fact is: none of us measure up.
None of our hearts have the right look; that is before our hearts are changed by the Holy Spirit.
The beauty of the Kingdom is that it has people of all sizes, shapes, and color.
The beauty of the Kingdom is that it has people of every tribe, nation, and language.

The beauty of the Kingdom is in its diversity.
The diversity is seen on the outside of those in the Kingdom.
However, the inside is the same.
The inside belongs to Christ.

I can replay that afternoon in my mind and imagine God calling my name.
I stand before Him and He smiles.
There is no condemnation.
There is no measuring up necessary.

Why should I accept you into Heaven? He will ask.
Father, I bring nothing with me, I will say with my hands empty before Him.
In that moment, Jesus, the Lamb who was slain, steps between me and His Father.
Jesus shows His Father the scars on His Hands, His feet, and His side.

Accepted, God the Father says.
I can enter into God’s glorious Kingdom not because of my merit, but because of Jesus.
The world looks at the outside and says, Next, if we do no measure up to their standards.
God looks at the inside and sees that our sins have been paid in full when we trust in Jesus.

Well done, good and faithful servant.
Those are words that are worth waiting for.
Thank you, Lord Jesus that I am accepted because of You.

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